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Posted by Megan on 9th July 2014

Very Necessary: 5 things you need in your office

5 things you need in your office!

1. Kikkerland BO14 Beaver Bottle Opener – You’d be surprised how much you miss having a bottle opener until you realize you don’t have one at all.

2. Your motivation prominently displayed – There are going to be days when it’s really, really rough. Having your motivation (spouse, kids, house, whatever) in front of you in a nice frame will help keep you going.

3. Vanroe ‘Orchid in Black’ Designer Enamel Compact Mirror in Gift Box- I’m telling you, there’s nothing like getting ready for a meeting and knowing for sure your teeth are foodcrud-free.

4. Doctor Who Adipose Stress Toy – I mean…no explanation required, right?

5. How to Win Friends & Influence People – One of the classics on business how-to. But even if it isn’t your cup of tea, having a library of business and motivational books around you are great for when you need a quick pointer.

Posted by Megan on 7th July 2014

Monday Motivation

Success is more a function of consistent common sense than it is of genius.
An Wang

Posted by Megan on 4th July 2014

Weekly wind down: Strawberry Fireworks

Each week, I’ll be introducing a new cocktail to try out over the weekend.

While I have received pitches for these, I am not being compensated in any way…these are just my favorite picks!

Strawberry Fireworks
Strawberry Fireworks
· Handful of fresh strawberries

· Juice from 1 lime

· 2 teaspoons superfine sugar

· Fresh pepper

· 3 parts Hornitos® Plata Tequila

· 1 cup club soda

Preparation: Put strawberries in a small pitcher and mash to your desired consistency. Add juice, club soda, Hornitos® Plata and combine along with 4 good grinds from the pepper mill. Fill 2 glasses halfway with ice and divide drink among glasses.

Posted by Megan on 2nd July 2014

Very Necessary: Summer Business Meetings

Posted by Megan on 30th June 2014

A state of the HBK union

As you can probably tell, I am terrible at doing regular posting about business. I blame the fact that my life is not all about my business, though some times it feels that way. So in order to actually make this a blog worth coming to, I’ve had a harsh Come to Jesus and have decided to diversify this blog a little bit.

My life as a female entrepreneur is about my business, yes, but there are more facets to me than MSC and I assume, more facets to you besides your business as well. So pretty soon you’ll see a shift over into more of a lifestyle blog. Yes, there will still be business features, because that’s really the skeleton of this place…but you’ll also see more fun things, like cocktail recipes (because who has time to cook?!), and some other things.

So stay tuned, we’re about to get lifestyley in this bish.