Chugging along

For the record, this is not about the election…though staying up until 2am watching campaign speeches didn’t help my tiredness.

Octobers month-long insanity has come and gone, quite thankfully. Due to hurricane Sandy, I missed my November 1st deadline by a few days, but still managed to get my 700+ samples to my new sales broker, 2000 samples to a beauty sample box, and an additional 300 soap packs to my local disaster relief service (maybe the soaps will brighten someones day). The only major mistake I made was shorting a wholesale order 2 bath soaks, but those have been sent out with many many apologies.

I’ve taken about a day to decompress from all of the activity and plot out what needs to happen next (and also take my husband out for Indian food to celebrate completing all of these tasks). These were all such a high priority that everything else kind of wavered and now I have to begin making my list of next things to do. I feel like I’m losing my focus a little bit, but that might just be due to the lessening of stress. It worries me a little because pre-holiday season is the worst time for apathy, but the things I need to do just seem like such trials of endurance. I feel like I need to find a way to motivate myself to get to Christmas, where I can then take the final week of the year off and reflect on everything that happened.

It’s just getting there that’s the problem. More coffee, anyone?

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