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Why the name “Handmade in Brooklyn?”

Originally the blog was to be a group effort cataloging all of the great things that are handmade in my fine borough. As the blog grew, it transitioned into my own personal blog about the struggle of staying self-employed in the current economy. Now the blog focuses mostly on my life, my company (msc skin care + home), and mentions of some of the great Brooklyn-entrepreneurs out there.

The name is part of my pitch to buyers at shows. “Everything here is handmade in Brooklyn.”

Are YOU “handmade” in Brooklyn?

No, I am a transplant. I’m originally from Pittsburgh, PA and my husband is from Cincinnati, OH (we don’t talk about *those* football games). We moved here in the summer of 2009.

I’m an entrepreneur in Brooklyn! Would you feature me?

I don’t really do a lot of “features” but if you’re looking to write a guest post, that would be cool. Drop me a line at hello[at]

How do you pick your Etsy Love Picks?

I usually start with a theme for the week to help me narrow it down, then try to pick 5 things from different categories that personify that theme. I look out for striking photography and interesting takes on the theme.