Goal check in

Earlier this year I had posted my goals for Metropolis for 2012. Now that the year is winding down, I wanted to revisit and see where I’ve gone up, down, or nowhere.

1. Hire a bookkeeper/accountant (and yes! I am happy to take referrals) Didn’t happen yet

2. Exhibit at the Natural Products Expo done!

3. Dedicated warehouse/workshop space Not yet, but edging ever so close

4. Hire 2 interns or 1 full time employee. Halfsies: My social media intern is due to leave next week, hopefully picking up a sales intern next month. Have also hired 4 people: 2 part-time and 2 outsourced (PR and Sales Rep)

5. Find competent sales reps (this has been a continuing problem for me) Halfsies: had to let a rep go but just signed on a new product broker so hopefully that will work out to my advantage

6. Two major print publications done! American Spa last month and Home Reporter News earlier in the year.

7. Have Metropolis products available in 13 states. Halfsies: 6 states so far, 7 to go!

I’m really glad to have done this earlier in the year to have something to hold myself accountable to. If any of you are like me, it’s hard to see the progress and to realize how far you’ve come when you’re always in the trenches.

Stretch goals for the rest of the year:

Get those 7 states

Begin saving for dedicated work space

Outsource labels (I still, STILL, do this on my laser printer. It needs to stop)

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