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Posted by Megan on 16th April 2012

monday motivation

The predominant quality of successful people is optimism…. Your level of optimism is the very best predictor of how happy, healthy, wealthy, and long-lived you will be. -BRIAN TRACY

Posted by Megan on 10th April 2012

My work schedule

I know self-employed world requires a crapload of discipline, so I thought I would share my weekly schedule. It’s by far not a perfect system, and it takes a lot to stick to, but maybe it might be some use to those trying to figure out how to plan their weeks: Mondays Social Media/Blogs Tuesdays […]

Posted by Megan on 9th April 2012

monday motivation

Unless you have courage, a courage that keeps you going, always going, no matter what happens, there is no certainty of success. It is really an endurance race. - HENRY FORD

Posted by Megan on 6th April 2012

Weekend Warrior

Create a list of 5 different categories of tasks you need to do regularly for your business Think about how to group your routine chores into these categories Begin to create a schedule of how your work week will change to give you more focus and allow you to work ON your business. (I’ll share […]

Posted by Megan on 5th April 2012

Thursday Etsy Love: Greenies

This weeks featured Etsy sellers in Brooklyn and their green wares: