Are gimmicks a worthwhile business idea?

To be entirely honest, I wrote this subject down a few weeks ago and don’t remember what gimmicks I was talking about exactly. So Im going to say, for the moment, gimmicks are branding-related.

To the left, some of you may remember, was a line in the old theme for Metropolis. My gimmick was pulp-comic bodycare.

Was it cute? Definitely

Was it fun? Absolutely, many got a kick out of my attempt at being witty.

Was it financially viable? Eh.

It’s hard to be schtick-y if you can’t do it in the big time. Had I had a financial boost in the beginning to avoid starting from the ground up, things may have been different. But having a gimmick means you need to do two things Continue reading →

Monday motivation

Your most unhappy customers are your greatest source of learning.  ~Bill Gates

Weekend Warrior

Tax season is here, eesh. Let’s get down to it!

This weekend:

1. Get a new folder/envelope to hold 2012’s receipts

2. Figure out what the one bill is that is the least amount of debt.

(By making a list and doing the “snowball method” you’re able to knock out debt more quickly)

3. Set a budget for next month

I do this on my sticky notes program on my computer. Just list out all of the things I need to pay for in the upcoming month so that I can budget and know what money needs to go where

Thursday Etsy Love: Calm

This weeks Brooklyn Etsy sellers features things I could probably use to destress this week.

Hope Springs linoleum block print by Michelle Han

Damiana tincture by raganella

It's Okay 5x7 Matted Print by ApertureAgog

"Spring" Candle by baileydoesntbark

Yes. this is the week.

Yes, this is the week that I begin loading in for the New York International Gift Fair. This is it, kids. Months of planning, making lists, spending exorbitant amounts of money, have all come down to this.

I am terrified

I am excited.

I am not ready.


There are still little tedious things to do, like fold brochures and pack products, and update my Ikea shopping list for the 32nd time. But all of the major things are done, all of the plans are finalized, and the culmination is here.

I have no expectations, honestly if I make my costs back (~$5k) then I would be the happiest person in the world. I could coast for a few months on that and hopefully not have to go back on the job hunt.

Stay tuned.

monday motivation

The superior man understands what is right; the inferior man understands what will sell.  ~Confucius

Weekend Warrior

How did you do on the first Weekend Warrior? It was little things, but still tough to do (that 5 minutes extra for me…ugh, killer!)

This week:

1. Find a new recipe blog

2. Clean out (or organize) the first 2 pages of your inbox

3. Take a picture of something or someone you love. (Share it here!)


Thursday Etsy Love: Turquoise

This weeks picks from Brooklyn Etsy Sellers

Turquoise Lambskin and Iridescent Teal Python Foldover Clutch by Wolfmaier Designs

Turquoise Summer Scarf by KMKnitDesigns

Kat--Navy and Turquoise Tank Dress by Leanimal

Turquoise Brocade and Paprika Shantung Cocktail Dress by Kimera

Birds of Paradise Necklace by VictoriaRegia


The delicate balance in pricing products


One of the hardest things to do is correctly price your products. Many will feel a twinge of guilt and fear when it comes to correctly pricing their wares. I know a lot of people just wing it (I did!) for a long time. Or they’ll look at their competitors and try to find a median (I did!).

Obviously, these are not effective pricing strategies.

Here are some tips on what you need to consider when pricing your products:

1. Raw cost materials

Okay yes, easy enough to figure that one out. But how much is that fabric really costing you per shirt? Would it be cheaper for you in the long run to bite the bullet and buy in bulk? (As long as you’re certain you can use it. Bulk materials don’t do anyone any good if they sit there and collect dust) Bulk/wholesale purchasing is where the most cost-effective purchasing happens. Avoid retail costs at…cost. It may be cheaper now to pay $1.99 for a pound of sugar for your scrubs, but if you use 4oz of it for 1 jar, that bag will only get your ~4 scrubs. Moral of the story is that you’re going to need to buy more, and quickly, if you want to make more than 4 scrubs. Look into what’s more cost effective for your business.

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monday motivation

Too many people think only of their own profit.  But business opportunity seldom knocks on the door of self-centered people.  No customer ever goes to a store merely to please the storekeeper.  ~Kazuo Inamori