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Posted by Megan on 31st January 2012

Are gimmicks a worthwhile business idea?

To be entirely honest, I wrote this subject down a few weeks ago and don’t remember what gimmicks I was talking about exactly. So Im going to say, for the moment, gimmicks are branding-related. To the left, some of you may remember, was a line in the old theme for Metropolis. My gimmick was pulp-comic […]

Posted by Megan on 30th January 2012

Monday motivation

Your most unhappy customers are your greatest source of learning.  ~Bill Gates

Posted by Megan on 27th January 2012

Weekend Warrior

Tax season is here, eesh. Let’s get down to it! This weekend: 1. Get a new folder/envelope to hold 2012′s receipts 2. Figure out what the one bill is that is the least amount of debt. (By making a list and doing the “snowball method” you’re able to knock out debt more quickly) 3. Set […]

Posted by Megan on 26th January 2012

Thursday Etsy Love: Calm

This weeks Brooklyn Etsy sellers features things I could probably use to destress this week.

Posted by Megan on 24th January 2012

Yes. this is the week.

Yes, this is the week that I begin loading in for the New York International Gift Fair. This is it, kids. Months of planning, making lists, spending exorbitant amounts of money, have all come down to this. I am terrified I am excited. I am not ready. I AM READY. There are still little tedious […]