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Posted by Megan on 31st December 2011

Favorite posts of 2011

As we all look forward tonight and tomorrow, I hope you all plan for big things and reach your goals in 2012. I hope that, if anything, your new year surprises you. Going through the posts from last year and reflecting, I ran across some favorites that I wanted to re-share. Some of them were […]

Posted by Megan on 29th December 2011

Thursday Etsy Love

This weeks picks for Brooklyn sellers on Etsy:  

Posted by Megan on 27th December 2011

A season full of MEH and some exciting news.

This years holiday season was a series of new shows and, ultimately, bad choices for myself. Even the few good shows that I clung to for dear life ended up being disappointments. Many of them seemed to be a combination of poor marketing, new organizers, and an overall lack of effort. I made enough to […]

Posted by Megan on 17th December 2011

Brooklyn Gift Guide: Alexander Zwickl

ALEXANDER ZWICKL Jason Zwickl is a handbag designer based in Bed Stuy that has been showing his wares at the local markets, like Artists and Fleas. His bags range from sequin-tacular to demure and elegant. The best part of the bags is the construction. The grommets and heavy duty stitching show how much thought was […]

Posted by Megan on 16th December 2011

Brooklyn Gift Guide: Haus of Topper

HAUS OF TOPPER “Haus of Topper is my vision of a lifestyle that knows no type, knows no limit. Haus of Topper is a hybrid of sex appeal, sophistication and effortless style.” A high-fashion couture jewelry designed based in Bed Stuy, David Topper has been working it! He has been showing at Artists and Fleas […]