blog envy

despite my lack of posting, this blog is always in my head. “What do I want to say?” “What am I contributing?” and from there is goes into a downward spiral of apathy, of things I wish I could post about.

To motivate YOU to also accept envy you may have for others (embrace it, friends!), here is my list of things I desperately envy from other bloggers.
I wish I could blog about:
Fashion (its fun, but i know nothing about it)
Makeup (same)
Comics (I want to be hyperbole and a half when I grow up)
Anyone who is able to REMOTELY keep to a schedule.

oh and also *cough* iresignedfrommyjobandmylastdayisNovember30 *cough*
we’ll discuss soon.

We could only go up from here

big news, kids.

No, not about my last post…but I’ve been so down for so long that I just knew something had to give…I had to move upwards somehow.

A few weeks ago it was the semi-annual Henri Bendel Open See.

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Book Review: The Girls Guide to Building a Million Dollar Business

i have to be honest, i had things to say about this book…but I lost my notes on it and now Im drawing a blank. Soooo I guess this will be a short review.

I really enjoyed this book, and was surprised by that to be honest. I thought it was a bit trite to focus on “girl business” but it didn’t exclusively deal with mompreneurs nor did it focus lots of time on making sure dinner was made. Instead it really hit home the need to have a business plan and how it can benefit you now and later. The resource listing in the back was also incredibly helpful though it was a bit misleading on what some things are. (Athena Foundation is not as helpful as it seems).

Bottom line:
time to read: 5 subway rides

Feel the burn(out)!


Something has to change.

I’m running at 200% all of the time…one for day job, one for Metropolis.

You may recall that last year at this exact time is when I started my day job and how much I truly enjoyed it.

Those days are gone. The company is crumbling around me, the employees are overworked, underpaid, and developing some pretty nasty coping mechanisms, myself included.

Last year I was so happy to find a regular paycheck, now Im afraid to let it go. But I cannot keep going on this way or burnout is imminent.

I hope to be out of there by the end of the month. Keep your fingers crossed.