August and everything after

July was bananas. It was Steves “Dirty Thirty” (i was the only one who called it that) so we went to Atlantic City for a few days to celebrate, and to finally have a vacation. Between our day job schedules, his writing, and my Metropolis we never really get much time to be together. So it was nice to catch up.

I also got my ass OUT. It was so terrifying…I actually WENT to a Whole Foods to talk to a buyer. I’m much more comfortable hiding behind email. Anyhow, I went there with a freakishly calm demeanor and, as we say, “gave them the business.” And that is how I landed my first Whole Foods account*

*Okay they haven’t ordered YET but when I followed up with a phone call (!!!!) I spoke to ANOTHER buyer who knew who I was and explained the reason for not ordering yet but assured me it would be very soon they placed the order.

Even if it never happens and the deal falls through, this has been a fantastic motivator to get Metropolis up and businessy. I’ve been getting my business things in gear and ready (insurance, bank accounts, and the like) and just forced myself to accept that if I want to play business, Im going to have to do business things.

Plus on top of all of this i launched the new line this past Monday. I’m very proud of how professional it has turned out. I will miss the pulp horror fun aspect but, again, if I want to play business I know I’ve got to be willing to change.

This month will involve some serious evaluations on my future plans for Metropolis. I very much want to move on from the street festival/craft show scene and into tradeshows but I know the cost of doing this is prohibitive…which is why the street fair scene becomes a necessary evil. I would love to get away from all of that come 2012 and I think this month will involve taking time to sit down and figure out my strategy.

and also making a crapload of soap.

Book Review: Onward! by Howard Schultz

Want Starbucks?

How about now?

Okay, how about after reading 300+ pages about it?

This book, I guess, is an interesting history on Starbucks and its ceo (his punctuation, not mine) and how they overcame obstacles, low sales numbers, and Schultz’s hatred of breakfast sandwiches. But most of the time I felt myself thinking (granted, a little cynically) “So what?”
I wasn’t able to really see the POINT to this book, except to make me want a Venti Soy White Mocha No Whip. It was just some ceo talking outloud.

That’s not to say I don’t love Starbucks and what they stand for as far as fair trade and employee relations goes, but I didn’t really understand the reason behind putting it in book form.

Tony Hsieh did it better.

Bottom Line
Time to read: 5+ subway rides