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Posted by Megan on 4th August 2011

August and everything after

July was bananas. It was Steves “Dirty Thirty” (i was the only one who called it that) so we went to Atlantic City for a few days to celebrate, and to finally have a vacation. Between our day job schedules, his writing, and my Metropolis we never really get much time to be together. So […]

Posted by Megan on 2nd August 2011

Book Review: Onward! by Howard Schultz

Want Starbucks? How about now? Okay, how about after reading 300+ pages about it? This book, I guess, is an interesting history on Starbucks and its ceo (his punctuation, not mine) and how they overcame obstacles, low sales numbers, and Schultz’s hatred of breakfast sandwiches. But most of the time I felt myself thinking (granted, […]