Book Review: Lovemarks

I read this book on a recommendation from a friend. The story behind the book is an interesting one: how do you move a customer from liking your brand to loving your brand? How do your customers become life-long, diehard fans? And while it doesn’t really give any hard, fast rules on how to go about doing it, Kevin Roberts illustrates what the difference is between a brand and a lovemark beautifully. The layout of the book is really refreshing and the amount of time spent layout out each image, each logo, and each picture is really spectacular.

Bottom Line:
Time to read: 2-3 subway rides

Things I suck at

A list of what I want to improve on (or pay other people to do)
Sales calls
Being Patient (can i pay someone else to be patient for me?)
Having a regular sleep schedule
Cleaning up after making soap

No one is great at everything, accept what you suck at and embrace what you’re good at doing instead.

Just ASK

Just a little note to say

Don’t be afraid to ASK.

I asked a magazine for their editorial calendar, and by reaching out I got a feature coming in October. (Don’t want to jinx it, I’ll post it when it’s up)

I asked Whole Foods buyers to take a chance on me. Most of them requested samples.

It’s hard to ask for what you want when you know it could really be a boon for your business. Let go and just ask for it.

Nothing is failsafe

There have been times where I’ve taken for granted what I’ve been given. Totally generic sentiment, I know. But it brings me to this:
You’re all probably still aware that I gave in and got a real job in November. In April I got a promotion and a bump in salary, which…yay awesome!
The problem is this company is ALSO a start-up company and the more involved I get with it, the more I begin to realize that there may be a weak bottom holding us all, and it could open up at any minute. So my goals have to shift from “i need new clothes” to “i need to pay off as much debt as I can while there’s still a steady paycheck in my future.”

It’s probably paranoia but it’s not like paying off debt is a bad thing anyhow.
Further proof that employment is a funny thing and sometimes its more stable to be self-employed!

Is there a progression?

Sometimes when I’m stuck with what to write about I like to go through some recent entries and follow up from there. What have I progressed in?

I’ve been saying NO more often in order to streamline my business. I’ve turned down some shows that I just knew it would be better to take the loss of promotion over going there and wasting my time (plus…weather!). Last year I took any/every show I could find, and ended up broke.

Still haven’t heard from WF yet. Their conference call where they discussed my soap samples was on the 9th of June so I guess it’s a bit premature to expect an answer. BUT I WANT ONE.

Since I haven’t heard from them I’ve been cold emailing local WFs which I probably have a better shot at anyhow, being local and all. Heard back from one asking for samples, stay tuned.

Begun working on the new line of products and have started a VERY rudimentary plan on the transition from v1 to v2.

Is there progress? Sure but it’s all behind the scenes and theres nothing really fun to report. I’ve also taken a break from business books for awhile and have been focusing on aromatherapy-specific books. REALLY interesting stuff and makes me appreciate working with essential oils more and more.

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