So, hey there.

I know, I’m really sorry I’ve been gone. And if you’ve all stopped checking the site, well, I don’t blame you. Maybe I can bring you back with my charm and repartee, or maybe you’ll just be bored at work one day. For the record, I don’t have any resolutions to start blogging regularly or things like that…posting so early in the new year is more of a culmination of “I’ll get around to it/I should get around to it/Is it still live?” thoughts.

I’ve been doing the things I’ve promised you I would: keeping Metropolis up and running, reading lots of business books (group reviews soon), and scraping by.

I got a job offer that I couldn’t refuse. There, I said it. I am no longer fully self-employed…it hurts a bit to say it, and those that I’ve told have given me the sympathetic look along with “hey we’ve all gotta do what we gotta do.” comments. But, to be honest, I’m not completely broken hearted like I thought I would be. It’s a job doing nerdy website things for companies whose products I will never afford, it’s very chill atmosphere, and I’ve been able to pay off credit cards (I didn’t know you could actually do that!) so that’s good. Metropolis keeps chugging along, and the good news is that I have noticed growth in the past months. I know that’s really not a fair estimate since, hell, everyone does better during the holidays, but people have bought things in January. JANUARY. That’s pretty cool…I was getting used to sitting around until April, but damnit, the people are dirty and demand soap!

We’re also moving soon to Bay Ridge (also in Brooklyn), which is very exciting for us. Living in Boro Park/Bensonhurst has been more problematic than advantageous and Bay Ridge offers a lot more to do. So while we’re not exactly “movin on up”, we’re “movin on laterally to the left” and that’s okay with me.

Book reviews soon. Stay tuned and welcome back.