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Posted by Megan on 24th October 2010

Me Vs. the Library

Judging by my always incomplete reading list to the right, and my book reviews posted here, you are safe to assume that I frequent my branch of the Brooklyn Public Library quite often (Mapleton, holla!) Even though I’ve got five books out, one of them on my husbands library card (oops), I decided to go […]

Posted by Megan on 17th October 2010

Book Review: 8 Patterns of Highly Effective Entrepreneurs by Brent Bowers

I’ve been putting off finishing this book, not really for any particular reason other than it fit perfectly in my bag and was easy to read on the subway. Anyhow If you already are an entrepreneur then this book is nothing new. However, that is not an argument against this book…on the contrary I liked […]

Posted by Megan on 2nd October 2010


Because I am never satisfied I have decided to expand my empire…or start an empire…or just, you know, make myself a lot poorer (who thought it was possible!). If you've been reading this awhile then you know that I've had a bit of an identity crisis with Metropolis. I love my company but I know […]

Posted by Megan on 1st October 2010

Collect the whole set!

FINALLY got a twitter for this beast…follow me for fun rambling business-esque updates. We might even become BBFs…Biz Buds Forever!   (sorry, that was lame)

Posted by Megan on 23rd September 2010


Shucks, even! It’s pretty cool to see blogs linking or even RECOMMENDING my blog (omgwtfbbq) to their readers. I get little blips on my google analytics that shows me where you all come from (we’re watching…always watching) and it’s pretty neat to see other blogs, not to mention other blogs that have me listed. Sorry […]