10 days of BK crafters

Well after going through literally hundreds of submissions we narrowed it down to 10 awesome crafters! 10 because a)theres 10 days till Christmas and b)Computer problems = limited time to run the Gift Guide :(


Thanks again to everyone who submitted awesome work and we hope to see your submissions for the Valentines Day guide coming in January!

In the meantime…

So my poor computer went kaput :( Im currently waiting for Acer to send replacement parts so I haven’t been able to upload the Gift Guide but I swear it will be up shortly!

In the meantime, our buddies at Brokelyn are having a call for submissions for their 25 Gifts Under $25 feature. Check it out here and submit your stuff!
Brokelyns 25 Brooklyn Gifts Under $25

Where to Shop December 5 & 6

Holiday shopping is gearing up so get your snow boots on because its supposed to be a yucky weather weekend!

December 5th

10:30 – 5pm Brooklyn Friends School, 375 Pearl Street (Park Slope) *
11 – 8pm Handmade Cavalcade, 201 Mulberry Street (Manhattan) **

December 6th
11 – 4pm, Studio School of Arts and Culture, 330 18th Street (Park Slope) *
10 – 8pm, Bust Craftacular, 125 W. 8th Street (Manhattan)
12 – 6pm, The Winter Market @ Public Assembly, 70 N. 6th Street (Williamsburg)

* – Megan will be here so come say Hi!
** – Laura will be here so come say Hi!

Do you {New New}?

Since moving to Brooklyn, it never fails that at any show I go to I get asked “Are you {New New}?” And at first I was a little scared/naive/creeped out, but then I began to learn about {New New} and what a powerhouse of crafters they are. It’s a group of artisans all over the NYC area who come together to help promote eachother and the group. I got to chat with Kimm Alfonso, one of the creators of {New New} who gave me an insiders look.

How did NN get started?

The {NewNew} began with a call out for people interested in forming the team in the Etsy forums and Etsy offering up the lab space for everyone to meet and greet and start forming the team. We immediately jumped into action setting up a google forum to better chat with each other, a team gmail account, set up a blog and then hit the social networking site. As more and more people joined we had more opinions, drive and talent to start dicussing our goals for the team and how we could best action those goals. From the start we have tried to be supportive and further each other’s businesses by lending advice, resources, as well as hosting our own selling events and partnering with local Handmade markets to promote us within our communities.

How has NN changed/developed? How does membership work?

[A]s we became larger we realized that we could really be an effective support for our members by being a releveant part of the NY Craft scene, and by using the talents and strengths of each of our members we could host events, and write a well read blog, and promote through social networking sites, and have online sales etc… Each member uses their innate abilities – be it as a writer, designer, computer whiz, sewer, draftsman etc to help promote the team and keep it running in a professional way that promotes it’s members. We do not jury team members, we are open to all NY Metro etsy shops that sell their own handmade items, but due to our size, we open the team up only twice a year to new membership – in February and July (new members can contact us at thenewnewny@gmail.com for further info)

What do you think the biggest goal NN has?

The biggest goal for The {NewNew} is to promote and support our membership. Some times we focus on mentoring each other into attracting more wholesale clients or sometimes we discuss how best to light your photos and art direct good product shots. Lots of our support strategies are based on running a small business – any small business – how to do your taxes, help with sales tax, buying wholesale supplies, getting a tax id, those sorts of things. While other concerns we try to address are really more geared to a handmade business – which shows are the most lucrative for what sorts of products, what to do when someone copies your design, strategies for selling better on Etsy.com, etc… I think one of the wonderful things about The {NewNew}, and one of the reasons that we do succeed in this goal is that those of our members who have succeed in one form or another (be it by getting great press, or taking great photos) are always helping to support members of the group who need it in that area, so there is a constant giving back.

Tell me about Handmade Cavalcade…

The first Handmade Cavalcade took place up in Beacon, NY at the woodshop of the husband and wife team behind Beacon Bookmarks – Kristy and Jon Reichert. The idea was spawned between me and Kristy while we sat selling at the Brooklyn Flea one hot summer day. We thought we could really pull off something special if we all pulled together to help promote and host an intimate craft fair where we could mingle with our customers and reward them with gift bags and a super raffle. The day was a success for our vendors and quite a learning experience for the team as a whole. We decided to host two a year – one in Beacon in the Fall, one in Manhattan for the Holidays and a Spring show in Brooklyn. We’ve had great community support to find venues and great member support to pull off such well run events with a staff of 100% volunteers. I think that’s what makes our events feel so different, each vendor is so committed to the event because they have spent so much of their own time and strengths to help promote it. And we also target a very large demographic of Handmade supports – not just the 18-25 year olds – we want Moms to come with their daughters, parents, children, grandparents, students, people who want to shop local, or people interested in upcycled products, consumers who are looking for unique clothing or stand out jewelry – our handmade talents span a wide range and appeal to a range of patrons.

What does 2010 look like for NN?

2010 we look to open up our membership again in February which will bring us to almost 250 members, and with new members come’s a great rush of energy and ideas, which is always great for a group that is always looking for new ways to promote and succeed. We did a lot of small scale tests in terms of cooperative selling at some of New York’s elite handmade markets, and you can look for that to continue and expand as we integrate further with perhaps a more permanent location. We also hope to expand more or our member support in terms of pooling our resources for photography and more small business management help.

What advice would you give someone who just started crafting in Brooklyn?
and/or what advice would you give someone that just moved to Brooklyn and is a crafter?

GO TO ETSY CRAFT NIGHTS! We are so lucky to be NY and right here where Etsy Labs hosts it’s Monday night craft nights which are completely FREE. It is a great way to meet people, learn a new skill in under four hours, and relax!

The {New New} will be hosting their 2nd annual Handmade Cavalcade December 5th at the Openhouse Gallery, 201 Mulberry Street.

Gift guide~!

Thanks so very much to all of those who sent in submissions, I’ll be going through all of the artists shortly!

And, as a little “after school special” moment, I was really humbled and proud to see so many people nominate other artists besides themselves. It just shows how awesome our Brooklyn community is!

Happy thanksgiving!

 Gobble Gobble-Amigurumi Crochet Thanksgiving Turkey by ALLthangsOLDbutNEW2u

Gobble Gobble-Amigurumi Crochet Thanksgiving Turkey by ALLthangsOLDbutNEW2u

Have a safe and happy Thanksgiving, everyone! We’ll be back with next weeks featured artist on Monday.

What do you want to know about etsy labs?

I’m so excited to take a field trip to Etsy Labs soon! I’ll be doing an interview with the super-sweet Julie who has promised me a great time.

What do you want to know about Etsy Labs? Leave a comment and if your question is picked we’ll feature your shop with the interview!

Making It in Brooklyn: Rnotes

Each week we’ll feature a new etsy seller who resides in Brooklyn.

Meet Rikki of Rnotes from Williamsburg!

Lets Stay Here Forever

Let's Stay Here Forever

How long have you been in Brooklyn? 7 years.

Do you ever do any shows around the area? I had a booth at the flatbush frolic a couple months ago. working on more for the future.

What inspires you? For my birds: I like to go bird watching. Central Park is an amazing place to go birding. I just saw a great horned owl there yesterday. In general I find inspiration from all sorts of things. Living in New York City definitely helps me. because everything is so over saturated, I think It inspires me to create simplicity in my work.

Where are your favorite places to go in Brooklyn? McCarren Park (I jog there), Coney Island, I love walking over the brooklyn bridge, and though I don’t go there enough, Brooklyn Botanical Gardens (especially in the snow),

Sideways Walk

Sideways Walk

Give a recommendation for someone visiting Brooklyn
About Glamour is this amazing store in Williamsburg. It has an art gallery in the back. The work is always really great. They have lots of handmade things and vintage stuff. a great collection of goods. I never leave empty handed.

Check out Rikkis fantastic creations at Rnotes.

keep em coming!

thanks to all of those who submitted their craft for our gift guide. We’re still on the lookout for more so feel free to leave a comment or submit your stuff at our “Got A Tip?” section